Digital Resume for Shawn M. Clymer, M.S.

"Shawn has an organic quality to lead and motivate the employees that work for and with him. We now know that leaders are not born, but Shawn's management style is something that I do not recognize from the book, despite my academic focus on the science of management. In closing, I still strive to replicate the things that I learned from Shawn more than a decade ago." - Emil Moumani, PhD in Business Administration and Management 

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Mission: Create memorable experiences for guests through developing leaders and building teams inspired and empowered to provide outstanding service.

Vision: Make a significant impact on the hospitality and tourism industry through dedication to leadership in operational excellence combined with innovative thinking based on real world learning and research.


In 2001 I received my bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University where I graduated Magna cum Laude with a double major in International Business and Marketing. In the years following I rose to positions of leadership in very diverse industries, becoming both a sales and strategy leader for multiple pioneering medical organizations, as well as a training and operational leader for Chipotle Mexican Grill. At Chipotle I was a member of the Training Department based out of the Denver HQ, which allowed me to be a major contributor to the reinvention of the national training program including a rethinking of station training guides, a complete overhaul of the restaurant opening process, and the transition to an eLearning platform. 

With the worldwide impact of COVID-19 causing a reevaluation of so many aspects of the lives of so many people both personally and professionally, it led me to follow the advice I had repetitively been giving to others; I decided to find my ultimate passion, leading me to return to the academic world for an educational foundation on the tourism industry. In 2023 I earned my master's degree from The University of Central Florida's Rosen College of Hospitality Management, graduating with a GPA of 4.0/4.0 and being selected to join the Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society. In July 2023 I accepted a position to the Accor INSPIRE management training program at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in the Rooms division with a goal of becoming Rooms Manager, and ultimately Director of Rooms on my path to General Manager.